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Excel Development has many projects in the works, and we are delighted to share our news and updates with you. Keep an eye on this page for our latest releases and developments!
November 2022:
We are very excited to share with you two new videos - a TV spot for one of our latest products, "Dino Danger", as well as for "Fraidy Cats". Check out the commercials below!
October 2022:
Some wonderful new releases lined up! Our recent new products include "Fraidy Cats", an exciting interactive board game released by PlayMonster; "Color Change Charlie", an educational color-matching card game licensed to Little Tikes; and "Don't Tip The Waiter", a stacking game released by Korea Boardgames.
Fraidy CatsColor Change CharlieDon't Tip The Waiter
July 2022:
We have an exciting announcement: our latest product line, licensed to Simba, "Bandiniz", has been released in Germany.
BANDINIZ Store DisplayBANDINIZ Product SampleBANDINIZ Packaging
Watch the ad below.
November 2021:
Two exciting new updates! First, we are delighted to announce that MindWare has released our new "Spin-Gineer" activity toy, and can be found through their website or catalog.
Spin-Gineer ConstructionSpin-Gineer Box ArtSpin-Gineer Construction
Next up, we are pleased to reveal we have licensed a line of impulse purchase items, called "Ticky Tops," which will be exclusively sold at Disney theme parks.
Teacup Ticky TopsBall Ticky TopsMickey Mouse Ticky TopsStitch Ticky Tops
July 2020:
We are pleased to introduce some of our latest lines of licensed products from Lansay: "Mini-Licious," a series of chocolate making activity kits, and "Blopens Fashion Studio," a creative and design based playset.
Mini-LiciousMini-Licious Chocolate Atelier 5-in-1Mini-Licious Choco-Messages AtelierMini-Licious Choco-Lace AtelierMini-Licious Chocolate Unicorns
Take a look at the ads for these new products below.
August 2019:
Check out this video ad for one of our most recent licensed products, Cyklone Drift, a remote controlled vehicle toy from Maisto.
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