Illustration of a woman holding a stuffed cat. Illustration of a man holding a guidebook to a table top role playing game.Once upon a time...
There were two inventors with a new toy idea.

Illustration of a stuffed cat with a glowing heart on its flank.

Jenny, an electronic engineer, bought a stuffed (plush) cat toy and inserted into its body a novel light system.

Illustration of a map, miniature figures of a dragon and a woman, a guide book, and dice.

John, an avid role play gamer, spent several years perfecting a fantasy game with characters trying to escape a dying planet.

Illustration of a woman on the phone.

Jenny called a major toy company for a list of toy agents and was referred to our website, where she submitted her idea.

Illustration of a television advertising an invention company.

John called an 800 number for an invention company shown in a television ad promising untold riches and success.

Illustration of a woman holding a box containing a stuffed cat advertising that it lights up. Illustration of a man hunched over and crying.John ends up in tears after losing tons of money on patenting his game. Jenny receives from Excel a long list of toy companies which actually review her new idea.

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